If you would like to contact me directly via e-mail please run the following small C++ program. It will display my e-mail address.

#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    std::string fname = "bennett";
    std::string lname = "smith";
    std::string domain = "";

    std::cout << fname << lname << "@" << domain;

    return 0;

Google Talk

If you would like to send me an instant message using Google Talk, I am happy to accept your invitation if I know who you are. My Google Talk account can be reveal by following the simple three step decoding process below:

  1. Reverse the characters in the following three strings
  2. selrahc



  3. Concatenate the reversed strings together.
  4. Append to the end.

The result is my Google Talk account name.

Linked In

Members of the Linked In professional networking system can also reach me by sending an InMail or requesting an introduction through a shared connection.


Check out the OpenID project too. It provides a general framework for identity management across web sites. You can view my general contact information on my OpenID page.

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